SBN TV: Propagating the Gospel in a lockdown

Shalom Broadcasting Network (SBN TV) a Christian satellite channel operationalized by the Ghana Baptist Convention, is devoted to the mission of propagating the solid and unadulterated word of God to 27 countries in West, East and parts of Central Africa. SBN TV is a multimedia ministry with the sole aim of nourishing believers with wholesome content and drawing the lost to Christ with the fulfilling, inspirational and entertaining programs.

Quarantined people in Middle East turn to Christian TV for hope

In the eye of the coronavirus storm, anxious viewers in the Middle East and North Africa are looking to live Christian TV for reassurance—desperate to see “living hope” as the crisis escalates. “Right now, with many countries introducing quarantine measures and lockdowns—and people staying home in isolation because of the COVID-19 virus—millions are searching the channels for hope that’s alive and real,” said Dr. Rex Rogers, SAT-7 USA president (,…Keep Reading


This weekend marks the celebration of Easter, a period on the Christian Calendar, where believers across the globe remember and commemorate the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ. It signifies a reminder of the priceless sacrifice Christ made to bring hope and Salvation to the world. Beloved, in Christ, there is hope for a better future. This year’s Easter is being celebrated in most places amid the challenges posed…Keep Reading