Project: SBN SBN

The Shalom Broadcasting Network (SBN) is a project to create a platform to share the gospel through the medium of Television.

SBN TV – A Christian TV Station with a mandate of Evangelism through the provision of Christ-centered Family Entertainment as well as sharing of religious and faith-based news across West & Central Africa.

Shalom Broadcasting Network (SBN) is a Christian Satellite TV Channel that offers a wide range of Music (Local, African and Foreign), Christian and Family Movies (African and Foreign), Sermons from seasoned men and women of God from Ghana, Africa and the rest of the world. Additionally, #SBNTV showcases the best in both African and Foreign Christian and Family movies coupled with a variety of Kids cartoons and entertainment for all ages.

The coverage of SBN spans 27 African countries starting from Ghana and spans throughout West, Central and some parts of Eastern Africa.

To get SBN on your TV, undertake the following:

  1. If you have a Satellite TV, connect a dish to TV and re-scan your TV using the codes below:
  2. If you are using Non-Satellite TV, get a satellite dish with a box, re-scan your setup or digi-box (Multi TV, Strong, Quality, etc) using the codes below:
  • Frequency: 12605
  • Polarisation: Vertical
  • Symbol Rate : 30000

Contact us via mobile: +233 302 908 664, WhatsApp: +233 541 798 889, Email:
Shalom and God bless you.

WRITTEN BY: Francis Adu-Gyamfi