Governace of the Ghana Baptist Convention

Organisational Structure of GBC


Annual Session is the highest decision body of the Ghana Baptist Convention which consists of an Annual Gathering of the Denominational Board Members, The Presidency, Ministers and Delegates from Churches and Institutions, and the Convention Secretariat staff. It functions to set rules and procedures of the Ghana Baptist Constitution for business, fellowship, evangelism and other relevant activities towards the growth of the denomination.


Presidency of the Ghana Baptist Convention is the executive management team at the convention secretariat and consists of President, Vice President (Ministries) and Vice President (Administration).

The Executive President monitors and assesses the strategic goals and the spiritual performance of the Convention to ensure the achievement of the constitutional mandate. The Vice President (Ministries) and Vice President (Administration) report to the President.


The Denominational Board preforms as an Advisory body to the Convention.  It analyses and evaluates the policies decisions implemented by the Presidency.

The Denominational Board consists of:

  1. A representative of each of the 4 Sectors
  2. A former Officer of the Convention
  3. Head of the Ministers’ Conference
  4. The Chairperson of the Governing Council of the Ghana Baptist University College
  5. A Legal Practitioner
  6. Two women
  7. A Technocrat