The Administration Division

Finance and Administration Of The Convention


The office of the Vice President (Administration) is Responsible for the development of finance and administration strategies, policies, procedures, systems and controls and monitor their implementation to ensure the achievement of the mission, vision and goals of the Convention. He/she is responsible for organizing the Convention’s Annual Sessions.


  • Finance
  • Human Resource & Administration
  • Socio-Economic
  • Baptist Bookstore
  • Estates & Legal Unit
  • Transport Unit
  • Finance Department

The Department develops strategies, policies and guidelines to manage the financials of the Convention. The department is made up of the Director of Finance, Accountant, Accounts Officer and Accounts Clerk.


Human Resource & Administration

The department develops and monitors Human Resource Management and Administrative systems to create a harmonious working climate to attract and retain the requisite skill levels to facilitate the achievement of the Convention.



Socio Economic is made up of functional departments, units and Institutions, with the responsibility for the identification, development, execution and monitoring of social intervention and economic programmes/projects of the Convention to meet the needs of communities/individuals and contribute to the economic development needs of the Country as well as share God’s love through the gospel. Socio-economic include:

  1. Baptist Relief & Development Agency (BREDA)The establishment of BREDA was in fulfillment of the Convention’s mission of reaching to the needy and the lost for Christ through a holistic ministry in partnership with local Baptist churches and other partners to meet the socio-economic needs of the believer. Units under BREDA include:
    1. Baptist Vocational Training Centre(BVTC): An institution that trains and equips ex-Trokosi girls to gain employable skills. Trokosi is an age-old cultural practice in the south-eastern part of the Volta Region and some part of the Dangme area of the Greater Accra Region of Ghana.  The Centre runs NVTI foundation, proficiency and Certificate I, courses in Dressmaking, Hairdressing, Catering, Kente Weaving, and Batik tie and dye. English, Mathematics, entrepreneurship and Information Communication Technology (ICT) are the core courses read in the institution.   The centre is also open to other less privileged girls to enroll.
    2. Mafi Early Childhood Development Centres (Mafi Project): This is a project initiated by the Ghana Baptist Convention to help early development of children in the Mafi area in the Volta Region of Ghana, by providing them with easy access to education. Six Mafi towns are benefiting from this project, namely: Atitekope, Adave, Anfoe, Meyikpor, Mafi Zongo and Mafi Adiekpe Korpedeke.
    3. Girl Child Education Sponsorship Project:  It is instituted to support brilliant but needy girls within the Baptist fraternity by paying their school fees at the Senior High School level.
    4. Baptist Child Development Programme: This programme is a collaboration between the Ghana Baptist Convention and the Christian Children fund of Canada (CCFC). It focuses on providing important needs of people living in and around the towns of Tamale and Tahima area in the Northern Region of Ghana. The social intervention programmes in these areas span education, health and nutrition, water, sanitation and hygiene, sustainable livelihood development, Gender, child protection, environment and disaster relief.
  2. Ghana Baptist Health Services (GBHS):
    Ghana Baptist Health Services, a health coordinating secretariat of the Ghana Baptist Convention was established to help coordinate all health facilities under the Ghana Baptist Convention to help provide and spread health related support activities alongside the gospel of Christ’s healing ministry to rural and deprived communities within Ghana. It coordinates the activities of health facilities under the Ghana Baptist Convention. Hospitals and Clinics under the coordination of GBHS include:

    1. Baptist Medical Centre, Nalerigu
    2. Baptist Medical Centre, Abuakwa
    3. Coast for Christ Baptist Hospital, Sankor-Winneba
    4. Nzema Baptist Hospital, Nvellenu
    5. Tanoah Baptist Medical Centre, Opuniase.
    6. Atiaba Memorial Baptist Medical Centre, Sandema (Builsa North)
    7. Central Charismatic Baptist Hospital, Gyinyase-Kumasi.
  3. Ghana Baptist University College (GBUC):
    The Ghana Baptist University College is an affiliate to the University of Cape Coast, that offers Undergraduate, Postgraduate and Diploma program studies in Accounting, Nursing, Human Resource Management, Banking and Finance, Marketing and Entrepreneurship and Theology.
  4. Baptist Women’s Retreat & Resource Center:
    The Centre is situated just before the Ejura Township on the Ejura-Kumasi road, directly opposite the Anglican senior high school. The Centre creates good hygienic conditions, godly accommodation and catering to the general public for retreat.
  5. Hospitality Services
    The department is responsible for the development of policies, systems and procedures for the management of the various guest houses and recreational centres in line with the Convention’s polity to ensure the smooth operation, high performance standards and compliance with regulatory requirements of the hospitality facilities.


Baptist Bookstore

Established to manage and market academic and non-academic literature and materials that are in line with Baptist beliefs and practices. It shall endeavour ensure satisfaction of customer needs and maximise sales/revenue. Currently located in Kumasi and Cape Coast.

Estates & Legal Unit

The Estates Unit acquires, manage and maintain all Ghana Baptist Convention assets through its determined lifespan and make assets profitable. The Legal Unit of the Department liaise with solicitors of the Convention to ensure that all litigations concerning properties are duly entered and documented.

Transport Unit

Manages and maintains of Vehicles/other machinery to ensure effective/efficient transport and other services to support the Convention’s operations.