The local church is independent and autonomous, yet it is universal in scope, cooperative and interdependent in obligation and relationship. When a church is duly constituted and organized, an application should be made to the area Association for membership.

When the Association is satisfied with the church as constituted, a membership will be issued to the new church. Upon the issuance of the membership into an Association a request is sent to the

  • Kwame Ayis

    As a committed Baptist, i have always have a problem with how our denomination is not growing. Whom do we expect to plant churches for us to organise. i am surprise we dont have any church in northern B A and we are not making effort. Our members are drifting to other denominations. Thank you

    • Danielke

      Kwame Ayis. i share same thought. there is going to be a revolution very soon in the churches where leadership must give way to innovative, spirit inspired ideas that will propel the church into the state God has purposed.
      Everything built by the missionary is collapsing and we sit and watch. with a new structure in leadership i am hopeful things will begin to work.

  • Elvis Twum-Barimah

    Let us all be at the WMU Retreat Centre for the GBC 3rd National Prayer Conference. It is time we rise and pray for transformation in our Churches and the Nation.