Facing Your True Nature During Lent (Mark 1:9-15)

Lent is a solemn time for every Christian to carefully examine his or her life in comparison to God’s word as we prepare ourselves for the Easter celebrations. It is not the time to wallow in self-pity or self-loathing after realizing how short we have fallen according to God’s standards. But it is a time to approach the throne of grace and be fully open about our challenges and weaknesses.

Christianity is more of a walk of faith than a religious fraternity. And sometimes, our walk of faith leads us into our individual wilderness. Jesus right after his baptism, was led by the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted.

One’s wilderness can be at work, school or even at home. This refers to any difficult and unpleasant situation which shapes and prepares us for good in the long term. Before taking up a new ministry, it is imperative to take some time apart to prepare yourself mentally and spiritually for the task ahead. Unfortunately, most people desire to be used by God but want out of the wilderness experience. But as gold needs to go through the fire to be refined and purified, we do need the refinement to be able to serve God according to His holiness and purity.

Lent is a great opportunity to identify the things that draw us away from God and closer to self-gratification. Times of solitude are essential in regaining our strength. We live in a busy world such that being isolated and quiet feels wasteful and even scary. Regardless if it is important or not, we prefer to be all over the place, playing busy. This wears not only the body but also the spirit out especially if time is not made to replenish the spirt with fellowship with God.

One thing we must keep in mind is that, every temptation has an expiry period. It won’t exceed its time. So whenever you find yourself in a compromising situation, don’t think there’s no way out. Pray to God to make a way out for you and He definitely will come to your aid.

Open up yourself to be led by the Spirit of God by dedicating yourself to prayer and the reading of the Word. You will find your flawed judgments, egos and shortcomings come to bare for you to take action on. Admit your helplessness to do right by yourself and resolve to live a life that would please and honor God.

Make a commitment to read and study a portion of the Bible every day to keep your spirit nourished. The idea of reading the entire Bible can feel daunting and the temptation to procrastinate could be very high. But if you start today with reading three chapters of the Old Testament and one chapter of the New Testament each day, you would be done reading the entire Bible in a year. That’s pretty practical, isn’t it?

Make this Lent your personal spiritual overhaul exercise and see yourself transform!

Source: © Josephine Amoako

WRITTEN BY: Bernard Adu-Gyamfi