Ghana Leaders Lack Integrity

A Court of Appeal Judge, Justice Irene Charity Larbi, has decried the absence of integrity among leaders in every fabric of the Ghanaian society.

Justice Charity Larbi, speaking at the opening ceremony of the African Biblical Leadership Initiative (ABLI)-Ghana in Accra yesterday, attributed the nation’s current economic challenge to lack of integrity among Ghanaians, including those at the helm of affairs.

She, therefore, called on the church to, as a matter of necessity, inculcate in the youth the spirit of truthfulness, as they are “our future leaders.”

“Integrity is key in every fabric of the society,” Justice Charity Larbi told the gathering, stating that without it, the nation will continue to stagnate in her quest to wean herself off endemic corruption.

“At every stage of our lives, we need integrity, and it is only integrity that can bring about the transformation that we are seeking for that can eradicate the corruption that we are all crying about,” she observed.

On his part, Patrick Kuwana, Founder of Crossover Transformation Group, South Africa, said Africa is facing “sustained poverty” because the continent lacked visionary leaders with integrity.

Africa, he argued, needs leadership that is integrity-based to lead Africa to economic transformation and freedom. “Africa is being destroyed because of lack of knowledge and extreme disobedience to God’s economy,” mentioned Kuwana.

The First Vice President of the Bible Society of Ghana, Rev. Dr. Steven Asante, said the focus of the 2015 ABLI forum was to empower Ghanaian leaders by “emphasising on integrity, compassion and justice” from the Biblical stand point.

Continuing, Rev. Dr. Asante, who is also the Senior Pastor of the Asokwa Baptist Church, Kumasi, said that the ABLI Ghana forum’s other focus was to promote leadership transformation, using the bible as a tool for change.

According to him: “The word of God has the power to transform and shape the Ghanaian society, if we will allow the principles to guide us. We believe Ghana can achieve full potential, when the Bible is placed at the centre of our development as a people.”


ABLI 2015 Forum

The forum, which is being hosted by the Bible Society of Ghana (BSG), in partnership with church leaders and corporate Ghana, commenced yesterday, 19th May, 2015, and ends today the 20th.

Themed: ‘Leadership for National Transformation,’ the forum would be moderated by the President of the BSG, Most Rev. Prof. Emmanuel Asante, who is also the Presiding Bishop of the Methodist Church Ghana.

It would be characterised by keynote presentations, discussions and workshops networking and prayer sessions.


The Bible Society of Ghana (BSG)

The BSG is a non-denominational, not-for-profit Christian organisation, registered under the Trustees Incorporation Act, 1962 (AC 106) of the Republic of Ghana. It is an affiliate member of the United Bible Societies (UBS), operating in over 200 countries and territories.



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