Ikeja Baptist Church dedicates new building

FIRST Baptist Church, Ikeja has dedicated its new church building.

At an event to mark the occasion, Senior Pastor Kayode Opadeji, charged

Chrstian leaders not to allow themselves to be polluted by corrupt politicians who may want to use money and other worldly things to compromise them and their faith.

While urging Christian leaders to always preach the true word of God to their congregations, the Pastor noted that the only way the church could help promote democracy is by teaching their members on how to make informed choices when voting and to shun sentiments when voting.

Pastor Opadeji pointed out hat Nigeria is a project in the hands of God and that her future is bright.

Opadeji noted that religious leaders were suppose to be non-partisans of because they were made to shepherd the people in the religious and not to interfere with politics; urging them to leave campaigns for politicians and concentrate more on teaching their flocks.


The cleric reminded religious leaders that they would give account of their stewardship to God on how they mould their followers on the parth of righteousness.

He said their followers should vote for according to their consciences and not on the basis of their belief.

He advised them to beware of false or fake prophets, stressing that by the fruits they shall know them.
The elated pastor bared his mind on the completion of new sanctuary at a record time of 3years. “I feel greatly fulfilled and members of the church too because, the former building did not befit the church considering the age of the church. It was a dream come true and a divine Intervention”-he disclosed.

According to him, the Church is 113 years old and needs a modern place of worship and musical gargets that befit its status when compared other churches.

Opadeji disclosed that the church has six Ministries namely Worship, discipleship, prayers, fellowship, evangelizing and social [welfare] to help its growth.

In his address, Mr. Abiodun Oke , Chairman of New Sanctuary dedication Committee gave a brief history of the Church which has grown tremendously with a large membership made up of people from all over thhe country as well as people from other countries such as Ghana, Zambia , India among others.
Oke recalled that the idea to build a new befitting edifice was conceived in 2012.

A group of journalists were conducted round the new church building, which has departments for children, teenagers, the main auditorium and offices for ministers.

WRITTEN BY: Bernard Adu-Gyamfi