Operation Grow on Social Media

Today, we launch”Operation Grow on Social Media”.

This Operation has been divided into two: “2000 by 20” and “200 by 20”! These are 2 campaigns meant for us to achieve 2000 Facebook page likes and 200 Twitter Followers by 20th July 2014 when we celebrate our 50th Anniversary.

This campaign is meant to encourage us to get our #Baptist friends/family(ies) especially those in #Ghana to like our Facebook page and Twitter Account. We hope to cross the set targets for Facebook page likes (2,000) and Twitter Followers (200) by 20-07-2014 with your collective help.

In line with the 7-point Strategic direction for the Convention, we are undertaking this campaign to help raise our #brand visibility within the public and on #socialmedia.

We are counting your massive participation as we gear up for the Anniversary Celebrations come 20th July 2014 at Calvary Baptist Church, Shiashie. Shalom #GBCat50

  • Tse Amable


  • Ekow Quansah

    Ghana Baptist Convention is also part of the light of the world and salt of the earth as stated in the the Bible. Therefore it is good we shine on Social Media.