• issa

    Please when is the re-branding signboard for all Convention churches is going to be ready and posted on this site?

  • Felix Mensah

    i want to see the new pictures from the resent pastors conference

  • Elvis Twum-Barimah

    Shalom to the Baptist Family. May the peace of God be with you all. I am respectfully and passionately appealing to all Members of the Baptist fraternity, especially, our honourable Ministers and Church Leaders, to faithfully honour their obligations to the convention. In other words, to gracefully pay their 20% and 5% contributions to the Convention and the Association, respectively. Recent reports indicate that most of our Churches have not been paying and some who are paying are also not paying the right amount. This bothers on matters of faith. We should be looking at the example that Jesus gave in Luke 21:1-4 ( The Poor Widow’s offering). This widow did not consider her circumstances but she rather had a big picture of God’s ability to provide even when it seems impossible on the part of man. She did not consider whether what she had would be able to cater for herself and the rest of her dependents. She rather exercised act of faith and also considered herself as a steward. Why can’t we do same? Why are we looking at our salary first instead of thinking about God’s business first? Why are we looking at the projects the Church is embarking on and for that matter our subscriptions are not forthcoming? Are we now doing what the Israelites did when they had returned from exile where they were living in paneled houses while the House of the Lord was ruined? Should Church Members also stop giving tithes and offerings since their family responsibilities are huge? The fees they had to pay, rent, electricity bills, etc. Where will our Convention Management get resources to fund our numerous responsibilities if we continue to defer payment of our subscriptions? My plea is that We should all bring our hands on deck and support our Convention by sending every amount no matter how small it may be to the Convention. Ejura GH¢1 is also not forthcoming. I pray that with joy all Churches, notwithstanding our individual projects and financial challenges, will pay what is due and the Lord the Provider will supply all the needs of the Church and our Honourable Ministers/Pastors. Let us trust God for a miracle. I know you really Love God’s work and You love the Ghana Baptist Convention. God bless you all.

  • Samuelito Abdul-Rahaman Stephe

    To me I think that some churches feel they don’t benefit directly from the convention hence their failure to pay the contributions. We need to work very hard as a convention to let members know why they pay 20% and 5%, what the contributions are used for and i think our attitude might change. We need to feel belonged.