BREDA Projects

Bringing Relief Where It's Needed
Over the years, BREDA has carried out other development projects which have benefited many people over time. These include:

Relief Support

Assistance was extended to victims of the 2007 Northern Ghana flood disaster. About $10,000.00 worth of relief items were donated to NADMO to support their effort. Donations of food items were also made to Baptist Churches who were affected by the floods. This was made possible with support from the Baptist WorldAid (BWAid)

Health Advocacy

BREDA successfully implemented an HIV/AIDS advocacy project from 2003 – 2006 with funding from the Ghana AIDS Commission.

Education and Capacity Building

In 2013, BREDA extended small grants to Ebenezer Baptist Church Child Development Centre, South and Unity Baptist Church School to improve their building facilities.

Advocacy Against Trokosi

This project was initiated in May 2011 with the hope of creating awareness about the Trokosi practice through human right advocacy to effectively reduce the indulgence of the practice. The project ended in April 2015. It was funded by the Danish Mission Council Development Department (DMCDD) through the Baptist Union of Denmark and International City Baptist Church, Copenhagen, Denmark.


BREDA operated a 178-acre farming land facility of the Convention at Agona Asafo in the Central region to cultivate food crops as an income-generating venture to support the work of BREDA and the Convention. However, it was discontinued in 2008 due to operational challenges. The South West Sector is currently running the farms.

Income Generating Projects

These included: Bolgatanga Basket Weaving Project, Wa Cashew Project, Cape Coast Gari Processing Project, Bawjiase Cassava Project, Agona Asafo Vegetable Farm and the Women Empowerment Project. Mostly funded by the BWAid.

Christian Children Fund of Canada (CCFC) Buruli Ulcer Project

With funding from the Christian Children Fund of Canada (CCFC), BREDA in March 2015 commission a feeding for the people of Obom and its surrounding communities at the Obom Heath Centre. This is an area endemic with the Buruli Ulcer disease.  The project also provided funds to help a young boy who as suffered from the ulcer to undergo plastic surgery and the fixing of a prosthesis arm.

Mpakadan Water Project

BREDA commissioned a borehole facility for the people of Mpakadan, a resettlement community in the Asuogyaman District in the Eastern Region in June 2015 to resolve their perennial water problems. This project was funded by First Baptist Church, Raliegh, NC, USA in commemoration of its 200th year Anniversary.