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Meeting the GBC President

Next week the Baptist Medical Centre will be officially handed over to the Ghana Baptist Convention. For all practical purposes, it has been administered by the GBC for years now. The final step was for IMB trustees to vote to hand over their lease on the hospital property to the GBC. That was […]

Why Clergy Should Wear Clericals

This article is highly recommended from the office of the Executive Presidency and we are all encouraged to take time and read it.   There are situations in which clothing is very important. I found this out by accident once, when I walked into a furniture store, coincidentally wearing the […]

Altadena Baptist Church experiences amazing grace in Ghana

    Altadena Baptist Church (Pasadena, California) sent a team to visit Amazing Grace Preparatory School in Ghana, to connect with the children and staff. The church has been partnering with the school for over eight years. The team fundraised to help put in a new playground, along with structures […]