SBN TV: Propagating the Gospel in a lockdown

Shalom Broadcasting Network (SBN TV) a Christian satellite channel operationalized by the Ghana Baptist Convention, is devoted to the mission of propagating the solid and unadulterated word of God to 27 countries in West, East and parts of Central Africa.

SBN TV is a multimedia ministry with the sole aim of nourishing believers with wholesome content and drawing the lost to Christ with the fulfilling, inspirational and entertaining programs.

When the COVID-19 disease was declared a global pandemic and most countries were forced to impose a lockdown, the SBN team quickly realized the grand opportunity to reach more people with the gospel. With most entertainment events and sport games suspended, most people had to search for other inspirational and entertainment content. Thanks be to God that sharing the word of God has not been restrictive during these times; rather, has taken advantage of the digital space to comfort and encourage people across the world in these peculiar times.

Management of SBN came up with a brilliant idea to offer churches and Christian organizations the opportunity to submit content for free airing for four (4) weeks. The content requested was to be in the form of either sermons, movies, spoken word or stage drama. In a period where individuals and organizations are contributing widely towards the combat of COVID-19, this was SBN TV’s way of extending generosity to the Christian community to air their content to the nourishment of the body of Christ.

The response was overwhelmingly positive and the team got to work in making sure to provide SBN viewers the best of content; of which their feedback attests to.

While major news outlets provide COVID-19 updates which are mostly depressing and worrying, SBN TV’s aim is to keep the spirits of viewers uplifted; reminding that Jesus is Lord over everything and He is surely working behind the scenes for His glory.

If you are touched by our mission to provide hope to the world through the Gospel, you are warmly welcome to donate to the ministry to ensure the word of God continues to reach more people on the African continent.


WRITTEN BY: Bernard Adu-Gyamfi