Special Fathers’ Day Tribute by the BIWC Ministers


#HappyFathersDay This is a special short song by Dr Tumi dedicated to all Fathers who walk and continually strive to walk in the steps of the Almighty Father. Enjoy the song as you meditate on the words that resonate the Ultimate Father’s Love as found in the story of The Prodigal Son. #Shalom
If it Had Not Been for the Lord
Who Was Always on my Side
The Enemy Would’ve Swallowed Us
(We) Would’ve Drowned in the Waters
Now My Soul’s Found an Escape
A Hiding Place in You
The Fowler’s Snare is Broken
Our Help is in the Name of The Lord
I’m Nothing Without You
Without You
You Are the Air that I Breathe
(I) Can’t Live Without You
Without You
In You I Live & Move & Have My Being